Localize It! What Resilience Looks Like
Over the years, we’ve learned that a primary focus of our work is to advance an understanding of localization. Simply, this means so much more than “buying local” and supporting your neighbor over the box stores in some mall. It means a conscious shift away from a culture of consumption that we have all been born into; a shift away from the globalized economic model that concentrates wealth and power and leaves most us living in a world of scarcity and disempowerment. While many are timid to speak this truth, we are not. We believe that WE have more power in ourselves, if only we step up to our true nature… joining together with others in communities of engaged citizens…. as  engaged change makers.

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BALE's 2019 Holiday Online Auction

Our Big Fun-raiser. Support the work of BALE's community work by bidding on some very cool stuff in the auction. Over 130 items (and still growing) can be yours. Many thanks to the huge generosity of the many businesses and individuals who have donated their items to make this possible.

    Restaurants, concerts, engine and chair repair, dinners, 10 days in Costa Rica, ski passes and so much more. Check it out HERE.

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Resilience Hubs

A Major New Initiative. In collaboration with Community Resilience Organizations (CROs), a statewide group helping to build strong, resourceful communities that can survive and thrive in the face of a changing climate and other challenges that lie ahead, BALE is developing a “Community Resilience Hubs” program in the White River region... and in receptive towns across Vermont. This project seeks to cultivate hubs of community resilience – places where people gather for skills-building and sharing, social and organizational connectivity, and emergency preparedness that focuses on local adaptation to climate impacts.


White River

Time Exchange

A New Kind of Currency. As a result of the recent Vermont Council for Rural Development’s “4-Town” visioning process, a BALE-led group has gotten together to launch a “time bank” or time exchange. It uses time as the form of exchange instead of U.S. dollars. For the remainder of 2019, this group will be developing the resources and contacts needed to have full capacity at its public launch, most likely in 2020. Time exchanges, by function, are more democratic, equitable and only work at the local – regional – level. 


A community resource center for local economy initiatives in the White River Valley of Vermont. Deep change and hands-on solutions

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