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Building Resilient Communities is the “deep-dive” educational program series of BALE (Building A Local Economy). Driven by the desire to seek solutions to our current cultural, ecological, and economic crises, especially those solutions based on appropriate scale and localized models, these programs (now 40 programs in the past five years) focus on both systemic understandings to our way forward and practical, local solutions that community members can enact or engage in right now. Over the years, some of these proposed solutions have emerged in the community as actual projects of resilience (i.e. Royalton Community Radio, White River Investment Club, the Locally Grown Guide, and White River Community Solar). This programming seeks to build local capacity through greater knowledge, skills-building and a systemic grasp of the currant climate emergency and “localization” as a framework to work from to re-imagine how we can recapture a sustainable economy.


For 2020, BALE will collaborate with the Vermont Healthy Soils Coalition (VHSC) to bring a second round of the potent six-part series called “The Soil Series: Bioregionalism, Soil Health and Resiliency.” This series is designed to provide education and resources to community members and organizations of the region seeking to improve food security, regenerative agriculture, soil health, and critical carbon sequestration through these practices (last year’s series was entitled “The Soil Series: Grassroots for the Climate Emergency”).


Also in 2020, BALE launches the powerful youth-focused and youth-led series called “Who Speaks for Us? Collapse and Renewal in the Great Turning.” This five-part series will bring forward the inspiring young change-makers who are already creating resilience and transformation in this time of climate and culture disarray, leveraged through their own lens of food, race, class, culture and society, and consciousness… with a special opening program featuring stories of bold and personal life choice changes made with heart and hope for a different future.


A community resource center for local economy initiatives in the White River Valley of Vermont. Deep change and hands-on solutions

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