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Localization, Sufficiency, Resilience

BALE (Building A Local Economy) sees its work, along with many other inspiring collaborators, as building new resilient models grounded in a new story of how we live on the Earth. We know we have so much to learn, and seeing that so much creativity is awakening in this time, we focus on such things as gratitude, conscious living and valuing what is important to the human spirit (which we know is not money… and not scarcity). Deep change awareness, grieving a broken world, facing our traumas, and being engaged in community with hands-on solutions.

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Sign Says: 'System Change, Not Climate Change'
Sunday, Dec.18; 10 AM-1 PM at BALE Commons, South Royalton

Art Build and Climate Action Sign Making

Join a creative crew of sign and banner makers with a goal of making climate justice and climate action signs for local and statewide events. Got a great few word message (mine in the heading, though not very original) you want to put out there about the need fro more action? Got artistic skills for making some beauty with the signs? Come on down for some brunch-y snacks and coffee… and good company… all at BALE Commons (35 S. Windsor St.) In South Royalton on Sun., Dec. 18 from 10 AM-1 PM. More info HERE.

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