Resilience University


Resilience University (Resilience U) was launched in 2018 as a series of programs aimed at building personal and community resilience in this unsettling time. Call it continuing education for the life skills needed for the 21st century. For 2020, we are focusing skills-building entirely on food production through a direct collaboration with Community Resilience Organizations (CROs). The Grow Resilience program developed by CROs aims to increase local food production and knowledge of how to build healthy soil systems while doing so. The goal improving soil ecosystems, we will be strengthening the social mycelium in the process. Through a series of six core workshops, local experts in five communities with Resilience Teams will teach other community members the skills of growing food, from designing gardens in February through an end-of-the-season celebratory Harvest Festival in November.


A community resource center for local economy initiatives in the White River Valley of Vermont. Deep change and hands-on solutions

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